Troubleshooting articles

Timesheet report doesn't display logged hoursAndriy ZhdanovMay 20, 2022
Performance Issue causing Blank white dashboards and prime Timesheets requests timeoutsGustavo Sá OliveiraFeb 18, 2022
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Dangerous use of multiple connectionsAndriy ZhdanovMay 14, 2021
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Why there is no Timesheet link on Issue Search page anymore?Andriy ZhdanovJan 07, 2021
Worklog Pop-up not appearing on Time sheet dashboard gadgetAndriy ZhdanovSep 18, 2020
Show Empty Rows does not work (no empty issues added)Andriy ZhdanovSep 04, 2020
Sum time spent on linked issues (Relates to)Andriy ZhdanovJul 14, 2020
Pivot by User is not breaking Tempo Timesheets time by usersAndriy ZhdanovJul 02, 2020
App is not respondingAndriy ZhdanovMar 23, 2020
Missing possibility to subscribe to Timesheet EmailAndriy ZhdanovOct 31, 2019
Time Sheet Gadget is not working, not displaying data or Edit function, it's just blankAndriy ZhdanovAug 19, 2019
NoSuchMethodError displaying dashboard gadget or Time column in reportAndriy ZhdanovJun 07, 2019
Date picker calendar mixing up day, month and yearAndriy ZhdanovSep 12, 2018
Values do not retain when changing report criteriaAndriy ZhdanovApr 30, 2018
Report Configuration Page takes ages to loadAndriy ZhdanovApr 28, 2018
Hours are displayed for incorrect personElena VelytchenkoApr 04, 2018
Total number does not match?Elena VelytchenkoApr 04, 2018