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It was year 2005, and JIRA 3.1, when Time Sheet Report was created with great help of Jonathan Nolen - Atlassian Ecosystem leader, for internal use in a software development company, and published on Plugin Exchange, so other people could use it too.

And other people liked it, so that in 2011 Timesheet Reports and Gadgets plugin was published on Atlassian Marketplace as Paid add-on and it was also bundled in JIRA OnDemand so many Atlassian OnDemand customers thought it is built in JIRA report provided by Atlassian.

Thus, later in 2014, with Jira Cloud growth and reengineering, there was Time Reports cloud native app developed, to replace built-in Timesheet Reports and Gadgets.

When things became more stable, in 2017, Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira Cloud was created to implement features missing due to technology stack in Time Reports.

Now there are 4 products, that can be better seen at


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