Hours are displayed on incorrect day


Time entries reported in Jira are shown as logged on previous or next date by Timesheet report.


Time entries are displayed for the day that user worked on (see https://bitbucket.org/tempo-io/servertimesheet/wiki/Multiple_Time_Zones). However, it may be that date is not saved correctly when work is logged using other app, e.g. it’s saved with Jira System Time Zone, instead of Worked User Time Zone.

If you believe the conversion makes time entries look wrong, it’s possible to switch off this behavior. Please see Preserve Started Time option in app Configuration General tab for this.
To find this page go to Jira Settings > Apps > Timesheet Configuration > General: here you can see if the Preserve Started Time is enabled or not.

However, there might be other cases, e.g. business trip with time shift, when user change computer settings, but does not update Time Zone settings in Jira account.

Please try to make sure that your computer and your Atlassian account Time Zone settings are the same when you Log Work Done. To find this information, please go to Jira Settings > System > General configuration: on this page you can see the “Default user time zone”.

Note, User Time Zone setting used to be set in Jira User Profile, but now it's necessary to go to Atlassian Account and set it there, see screenshot.

CAUTION, looks like in some cases, user Time Zone setting configured in Jira before is lost, and incorrect (default Jira Cloud instance Time Zone) setting from Atlassian account is provided to the app, so it might be necessary to correct that.