Configuring permissions


Can it be configured to fine grained permissions who can create reports, or who can edit time logs of other users, etc.?


There is Edit All Worklogs Jira permission, to restrict who can edit time logs of others, and other related permissions, please see Jira documentation for more details.

As for viewing other users Timesheet, it is possible to restrict report visibility using Auditors Groups and Restricted Groups setting in app Configuration accessible using Gear icon in header part of the report page.

Timesheet Auditors Groups app configuration allows to specify user groups, who can see other users work logs.

Timesheet Restricted Groups app configuration allows to specify user groups, so that currently logged in user can see worklogs of the selected user groups.

Thus Restricted Groups option allows to make it possible to see only “team members” timesheet, where team is defined by user group membership.

I.e, if anything is selected in Restricted Groups, report shows worklogs of users that are members of groups of the intersection of currently logged in user groups and worklog author groups (and groups selected in report options).

In case of restriction applied, there is warning displayed in the bottom of the report, listing groups that are visible in result for currently logged in user. E.g. Because of the Restricted Groups configured, data is limited to worklogs of users from the following group(s): NONE. In this case no worklogs is shown or only own worklogs are shown, if currently logged in user is member of the groups selected in the Groups report option.

You may see for detailed information for how it works also.

In case of Timesheet Reports and Gadgets there is Auditors Roles setting additionally.

If Auditors Roles is configured, and user is not member of any of the roles selected, a warning will be displayed in the bottom of the report: Because of Auditors Roles configured data is limited to own worklogs for the following projects: KEY1, KEY2.

CAUTION, check carefully whether Classic Project roles and/or Next Gen project roles are selected, e.g. Administrators and Administrator. Because Next Gen projects use their own project roles, that may be named similarly to Classic project roles, you may need to select all roles with the similar names.

CAUTION, check carefully group name. It is not allowed to use names with space(s) in the end or start e.g. "Group " or ";" symbol at any position.

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