How to export data and send emails

To export data just press excel icon under blue navigation control.

exportData’s export pure worklogs in appropriative formats.

exportView.xls is WYSIWYG exporter.

Please note, *.xls files have html format so xls viewers might alert users about it before opening. It is not an issue, just press Yes.

It is possible to configure columns in exported in User Preferences or app Configuration - Default User Settings, see Columns For Export option.

To send email just press envelop icon under blue navigation control. It is possible to send it now or schedule it, update or unsubscribe.

Current user can send it if only timesheet is not completed, please see .

It is possible to add csv export, please see .

Please note, send emails feature works for Timesheet Reports and Gadgets only.

Email address does not have to be shared for Anyone in Atlassian user Account settings, app can access email address to send Report via email, if user has subscribed, please see also