Filter by Epic Name (or Fix Version)

I use the time tracking report to look at time estimated vs time spent on tasks, grouped by Epic. But I always receive the information for all Epics within the selected Projects. Is there a way to see the information only for a list of epics I define (and maybe even save as a dashboard)? So in the screenshot attached, I don't want to the the information on the epic "Cool App V2" - only the other ones. The second column (that says "Maturity" a lot, is the Fix Version Column - maybe I could filter by that?) Thanks for your help.

Step-by-step guide

1. You can create filter for list of epics using JQL in Issue Navigator like the following: "Epic name" in ("Direct Deposit Phase 2"), see screen.

2. Then choose saved filter in report configuration in Filter or Project option, and make it favourite.

Note, it's necessary to have Parent Issue Field configured in Add-on Configuration

And enable Sum Sub-Tasks report option to have epic issues aggregated into epics.

Additionally, it is possible to include only issues from active Sprint, with JQL like "sprint in openSprints()" + "or parentSprint in openSprint()" if Sum SubTasks.

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