Sum time spent on linked issues (Relates to)


I would like to use the sum subtasks function, but for linked issues. To do this, I read that you can sum issues if setting the Composition link to the link reason. I've set this to "relates". What I find is that when I run the time sheet report the time of subtasks doesn't roll up to the linked issue.

For example, I have a task "TPD-5". I also have two issues, "TPD-6" and "TPD-7" and these are linked to TPD-5 with "relates". Each of these issues has 1 hour tracked on them. When I run the timesheet report, the values do not sum together.


The problem is that Relates issue link is not that trivial, comparing to other links.

E.g. with Clones, it is clear which issue clones, and which issue is cloned by. This is called outward and inward link, correspondingly. So that, only one outward link is possible, i.e. issue can clone only one issue, but it can be cloned by many issues. Compare with Parent-Subtask relation, Subtask may have only one Parent (outward link(, and many Subtasks (inward link).

However, when you create Relates link, inward relation is created, i.e. TPD-6 and TPD-7 have inward link to TPD-5, meaning that TPD-5 is subtask of TPD-6 and TPD-7, and first is used, so that TPD-5 is summed up into TPD-6, apparently.

It is necessary to unlink these issues, and create new link from TPD-5 to TPD-6 and TPD-7 instead.

Just think of it as if you create Subtasks. Open “'parent” issue and create 'relates to' link from it.