Time Sheet Gadget is not working, not displaying data or Edit function, it's just blank


After an upgrade, gadgets no longer work. Timesheet table is not appearing on dashboards, it displays a blank space. Or all text labels show technical names, such as "report.timesheet.label", "report.timesheet.startdate", etc.


Looks like plugin was not properly initialised by Jira.

  1. Please try to reenable add-on in Administration - Add-ons - Manage add-ons, or restarting Jira
  2. Also please make sure you use the right add-on version 2.9.x for JIRA 6 or 3.x for JIRA 7 or 4.x for JIRA 8, and there is no old version in Jira HOME, e.g. with command like:

    find JIRA-HOME -name jira-timesheet-plugin*.jar | xargs rm

    and then restart Jira and install plugin again.